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Why Use Couple's Sex Toys?

Couples Sex Toys My Bedroom Spice

Could your relationship use some spice? Here are 3 good reasons to introduce your battery operated boyfriend to the other man in your life.


Believe it or not, toys tend to bring a couple closer together, particularly when someone has anxiety about being so (figuratively or literally) naked in the bedroom. If you participate in mutual masturbation , a toy used can take the pressure off of your performance, plus make it that much sexier for the viewer. 

Less Pressure

Some men can find it a bit daunting to bring toys into bed – possibly feeling like they aren’t needed. However, a lot of guys find it relaxing to know that the pressure is off them to please their partner. It’s no secret that toys of any kind are made to enhance sexual pleasure, so that will always help along one or both of you. Using toys can allow you to focus more on your own pleasure, without sacrificing your partner’s needs.

Better Sex

Duh. Better intimacy? More orgasms? New experiences? If you’re both open-minded enough, introducing toys into your sex life can bring a more exciting and playful sexual experience.

Choose from our wide selection of couple's sex toys on My Bedroom Spice to introduce a fun new twist to your sex life.

Addie S
Addie S


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November 28, 2018

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