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Prostate Pleasure Pt 2: Prostate Massage

Previously we outlined the realm of rookie prostate pleasure with our stellar lineup of easy-to-use P-spot massagers. Today we’re getting intimate with a how-to guide on finding & massaging your partner’s prostate, delivering new realms of pleasure in an intimate moment.

In case you need convincing, you should know that there are plenty of health benefits of the prostate massage by increasing blood flow; stimulation can help with pain, swelling, prostatitis, incontinence, impotence, and even erectile dysfunction. Try it out on your partner and open up this new possibility!


The best way to massage the prostate is the two-finger approach, but take a slow and steady approach in finding in finding his P-spot. The gateway to assplay is a very strong muscle and requires proper anal foreplay to ensure a pleasant experience. Lube is a must, and anal lube is much thicker to ensure it’s long-lasting an evenly distributed. Use plenty, as unlike vaginal play, the anus isn’t self-lubricating and going in dry will be about as pleasurable as trying to a razor covered in cotton.

Lying on his back with his pelvis slightly elevated (perhaps propped up with a pillow), start warming him up with some foreplay. Include gentle circling and pressure on the perineum and anus with the occasional lubricated stroking and oral teasing of his penis.

When he’s relaxed enough and muscles are a bit softer around the anus, slowly slip a well-lubricated finger inside him. Using a gentle in-and-out motion will help relax him into deeper penetration and make it easier to slip a second finger inside him when he’s ready. Explore, using your fingertips to locate that walnut-sized gland just behind his penis.

Use the fingertips to stroke the prostate, using light pressure to gently stroke back-and-forth over the surface. It’s best to use a light touch at first as the prostate is incredibly sensitive. As it swells with arousal, you’ll be able to increase pressure to deepen his excitement. Make sure to take cues from his body to help guide you in what feels good – and always have lube on-hand to top up as you go.

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Addie S
Addie S


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