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Hot Sex In Cold Weather

Did your groundhog predict 6 more weeks of winter? Drop the parka and don your skivvies because winter doesn’t have to be all under-the-covers nookie. Keep your sex life heated with our comprehensive guide to steamy sex to get you through the storm.

Drip Drip

Dripping wax on one another conjures images of candlelight, intimacy, and the ultra-hot love that follows. But using wax for foreplay isn’t quite as easy as grabbing a nearby Glade candle and dripping Pine Fresh all over your partner; this can cause burns and I suspect some serious damage to the trust factor in your relationship.

Try one of our body-safe (and frequently edible) massage candles that melt into a luxurious and fragrant oil that perfectly conditions the skin during an intimate massage. Or skip a step and go right for soothing, warming massage oil.

Meet Me In The Bathroom

Short of layering your bed in towels and tarps, heating up with water-play has its place in the washroom. Run a hot shower as you and your partner play around while it runs and steams up the room; once you’re ready for the full monty, hop in and have a play with some shower-specific toys like the COLT Water Dong, or SportSheets Suction Handcuffs. Or get comfy in a warm bubble bath to explore each other more intimately.

Position Yourself

Nothing worse than trying to get in the mood while grasping at the covers between thrusts, so learn from experience; think of the hottest, sweatiest sex you’ve ever had. Was he on top? Spooning? From behind?

Humans are hot, so stay warm under the covers during foreplay but kick them off for some close-quarters sex – the more intimate the better. The Spoon is a natural position, with him penetrating from behind, or turn 90 degrees to do the Lazy Dog, with her flat on her stomach. And let’s not forget the tried and true basic – good ‘ol Missionary.

Glass Toys

There’s a reason bloggers & sex aficionados sing its praises – glass is versatile and a leading substance in temperature play. Glass retains temperature for a dynamic experience; place it in some hot water for an arousing, comforting sensation that will warm up a chilly partner. You can also run it along your partner’s skin to soothe and heat before getting into the fun stuff.



I know. You’re freezing… for now. But after all that sexy play and hot intimacy, you may need a cool down. Run an ice cube over your partners’ body or even give a go at oral sex with one in your mouth; all that sub-zero sensuality might leave you begging for round 2.

Addie S
Addie S


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