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The 5 Sex Toys Every Man Should Own

Staring off into the sea of dildos that is your average sex shop, it’s an easy misconception that sex toys are mostly sold to women, when the industry is actually split down the middle rather evenly. But whether it’s for your alone time, or a special surprise when a date comes by, why not keep a tickle trunk of your very own? Start with these 5 basics for the modern man.


Cock Ring

Before you jump to Viagra, consider the cock ring. A simple little band brings a whole new world of pleasure – solo or partnered – and that world contains harder, longer erections with heightened orgasms.

Try out all sorts of variations; adjustable leather or metal rings are advanced choices once you’ve figured out your sizing. Stretchy rubber is always the safe choice, especially for beginners, and these can include fun features like vibrators and rabbit attachments.


Small Vibrator

What girl wouldn’t like the added fun of you pulling our a small vibe to use on her during sex? Having a small vibrator for clitoral stimulation is a nice touch, bonus if it’s enough for a bit of penetration during foreplay (after all, shouldn’t you be the toy?)

Use it for yourself as well – no shame in a bit of vibration around your package for a bit of playfulness.



The dildo of male masturbation, Fleshlight really mainstreamed the world of male masturbators. Whether it’s something for you-time, or you’re keeping form during a dry spell, there are unlimited possibilities for these sexual simulators, especially when paired with other products. Try with a cock ring or penis pump to feel like you’re prepping for a sexual triathlon. What more is there to say? Lube up and choose an orifice!



Leather straps, Velcro cuffs, ropes, furry handcuffs – whatever your style, we’re sure she’ll be appreciative of this in-the-moment treat whether you want to tie her down or be restrained yourself. If you’re worried about being a bit too intimidating with the full-on bondage kit, just start out with a discreet rope or hot pink furry cuffs to ease into it)

Prostate Massager or Plug

Come on, guys. It might be uncomfortable to talk about, but it’s time you explored this mind-blowing pleasure zone. There’s something so passé (and a little unmanly) about not allowing yourself to experience the pleasure you could get from this, just for the sake of a silly taboo.

This toy is all about you (though the orgasm from wearing it during sex might make you share), and you can ease in with different levels. A small butt plug is your basic beginner’s model, but add a little vibration and you’ll be rocking your own world. If you want extreme pleasure, then go right for the “O” with a prostate massager in hundreds of different shapes and varieties. Your prostate is equal to a woman’s clitoris in terms of pleasure, so man up, grab the lube and thank me later.

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Addie S
Addie S


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November 28, 2018

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