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Gag Me Now: Shopping For A Gag

We’ve all done it – you’re going at it hot and heavy when the urge strikes, the inexplicable urge to cover his mouth or shove his head in the pillow that will quiet his moans to whimpers that are left in your control. If bondage is a part of your life, why not take it to the next level with a gag that brings the ultimate dominance to your bedroom romps? 

There are several different types of gags that can be incorporated into your playtime, and often people only prefer a certain kind. Try one of our many gag options out for yourself to find your perfect fit that will leave you speechless.

Ball Gag

The classic ball gag is made of many materials – plastic, silicone, metal, or glass – and is typically made to place between the teeth and hold the mouth open. Many people like ball gags to create a sense of submission and take pleasure in the visual image of their partner as their slave.

Breathable Ball Gag

Exactly the same as a typical ball gag, but with holes through the ball to allow easier breathing options to those who may need or want the option.


Bit Gag

Much like what a horse would wear, a bit runs through the mouth and between the teeth, providing a less exaggerated way to hold open the mouth while creating an altogether different submissive look. Bits are frequently made of silicone or metal, and this type can be especially useful for those with jaw or teeth alignment problems who may not be able to take the full classic ball.

Inflatable Gag (AKA The Butterfly)

Shaped like a butterfly, the inflatable gag is for those who want an added challenge when pushing the limits. The inflatable part goes behind the teeth and in the mouth, while the flat, wider part goes between the teeth and the lips. The user must typically bit down on this gag to keep it in place as it’s can be more difficult to keep in place, but the adjustable size of this gag allows different sexual options from asserting dominance to all-out speechlessness.

Spider Gag

This variety of gag incorporates the image of submission with sexual purpose by keeping one’s mouth open for whatever purpose the dom may choose, such as oral sex or better verbal communication.


Other Types of Gags

There are many different types of gags – if you imagine it, it surely exists – but some other varieties might include add-ons like small dildos or pacifiers to further fulfill a sexual preference.

Check out our full lineup and choose one for yourself to find yourself very in control.

Addie S
Addie S


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October 03, 2018

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