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Quiet Toys For Spicy Student Living

The college experience can be known to include its fair share of sexual experimentation and exploration, and with that comes the shiny new world of sex toy play. You’re finally 18, away from home, and free to buy all the vibrators and toys you could dream of! Except for one problem… 

Roommates. Can’t wank with them, can’t pay rent without them. Student housing probably means close quarters, but that doesn’t mean your rumbling fun has to stop. We’ve got the loopholes to finding your “me” time in a house full of people.

Get Cozy

Invest in a thick blanket or duvet; not only will it be super comfy, but you’ll want to wrap yourself in this mini sound barrier to mask any buzzing. Make sure it’s big enough to go around comfortably to muffle any sound of buzzy sounds or movement.

Get Wet

There’s one room in the house that always guarantees privacy – the bathroom. Grab a waterproof vibe, lock the door, and run the shower until you just can’t stand it.

Get Playful

You’re not the only one who wants a discreet diddle - we stock a full line of toys made to be whisper quiet like the whisper quiet LELO Mia or the discreet tickle of a Butterfly Kiss.
Check out our whole selection of quiet, discreet vibes that will provide the ultimate study break.

Addie S
Addie S


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November 27, 2018

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