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Watery Sex Positions

This summer, perhaps you want to get a bit hot while cooling down. Exciting sex doesn’t have to stop when you leave the bedroom, so we’re taking wet ‘n wild to a whole new level with these skilled and thrilled water-based sex positions.

The Wet Ride

You may know it as Beyonce’s infamous “SurfBoard”, despite not actually taking place on one (see the next position for that kind of fun). This variation on traditional cowgirl takes place in the comfort of your own home as you put a sexy spin on bathtime.

The penetrating partner lies or sits face-up in a bathtub, mostly submerged in water, while the receiving partner sits on top, with legs on either side. Facing each other will give you both a super sexy view of the other as you get to splash around in the heat of the moment.

Either of you can use the edge of the tub for support or to add a bit more pressure when needed. And of course, don’t forget, it’s not playtime in the bath without the bubbles!


Surf’s Up

For an added challenge, take your fun on board! Keeping the body flat, the receiving partner lies face-down on a surf board, while the other climbs on top – also remaining flat – to enter from behind. This is great for hitting the G-spot, and the close contact allows for exciting intimacy in a passionate position.

The key to pulling off this position is balance and stability; wait for calm waters, start off in waist-deep water for easiest positioning, and whatever you do, don’t tip over! Whether in a pool or a secret ocean cove, knowing you could be caught at any time will be excitement enough to make you try this watery ride.

Spice up your slippery adventures with some waterproof sex toys!

Addie S
Addie S


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November 27, 2018

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