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5 Positions For Anal Sex

So you’ve decided on a bit of back door booty tonight – great! Skip the Mexican, grab the lube, and get warmed up for a wild night.

Start by warming up with some extensive anal foreplay using some toys like an anal plug, beads, and even massagers. Remember to focus on your other erogenous zones to keep the arousal level of full-alert, and when you’re ready, try one of our 5 positions… 


This is widely regarded as the best first-time option for anal newbies. It might seem complicated or a bit more advanced, but this position actually allows for the most relaxed and controlled entry. It can encourage some sexy foreplay as he rubs against your cheeks and vulva, while warming you up with toys and other playthings. When you’re finally ready, bend your knees up towards your chest and lower yourself back onto him gently easing into him and doing only as you please.

Don’t believe us? Girl On The Net’s recount will have you believing and dying to cozy up to your man. 

Pretzel Dip

It can be a bit tricky at first depending on your anatomy, but this position allows your partner full access to your erogenous zones, furthering stimulation for you. (Score!)

Start by lying on your side, while your partner straddles the thigh lying on the bed. Once in position, you may lean back some more towards the bed to make yourself more comfortable, as he enters you slowly and explores your body.


Sometimes it’s nice to see who’s putting something in your butt, and with a few tweaks, you can take this vanilla position to amazing levels of risqué.

Try adding some support cushions under your hips to raise your hips and bum a little higher, allowing for a more accessible entry. You may also find raising your legs adds more depth, either towards your partner’s chest or over your partner’s shoulders, and from there it’s all about a slow, gentle rhythm and your favourite props.


Excellent for the taller girls, this one once again allows the recipient more control. With your legs on either side of him, you control the pace and how deep he goes; if he gets a bit too excited, show him a little restraint with a our multiple ways to tie him down.

Variation: For a more intimate approach, have him sit up against the headboard so that you’re more face-to-face.


Despite the concept behind it, it doesn’t take the top prize in ease-of-use, but is certainly attainable for a novice. Simply lean on your hands and knees and have him enter you from behind. The penetrator has more power and should practice restraint, making sure not to get too excited and thrust too deeply.

Addie S
Addie S


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November 27, 2018

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