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3 Simple Steps to Amp Up Your Self-Pleasure with Sex Toys

Times are changing, and sex toys are becoming a regular part of everyday life. Even your best friend could have a secret toy stash somewhere in her room. With approximately $15 billion dollars invested in the sex toy industry per year, it’s clear how much people love orgasms and are achieving them with something other than their hands.

If you’re new to sex toys and want to look for other ways to achieve orgasms while you’re having your private time, follow the steps laid out below to find the perfect match for you.

1. Experiment with yourself–use your hand!

According to HealthyWomen, 62 percent of women orgasm during masturbation.

Do you know your hot buttons and what makes them surrender to pure physical pleasure? If you don’t, then it may not be the right time to search for a sex toy yet. Instead of aimlessly finding sex toys that you think will be right for you, it’s best to get to know yourself first and find out what makes you take your breath in, arch your back, and reach that point of no return!

The most popular way for many women to reach that big “O” is through clitoral stimulation; it’s only natural since the single purpose of the clitoris is to provide sexual pleasure. But that doesn’t mean that’s the only way to achieve orgasms. Some women may not even be able to have one through clitoral stimulation.

What’s important is that you learn about your body’s pleasure points. Make sure you’re in the mood to get sexual with yourself. Plenty of libido killers are out there, ready to pounce on the chance to keep your sex drive low like the lack of sleep; you can learn more about other sex drive killers from this informative article. Sexual pleasure is not only a physical experience, but it’s also a mentality thing, too.

Light up some candles, fluff your pillows, pamper yourself, and boost your confidence. Get out a small mirror to help you get a better look at your lady parts, and get in a comfortable position for your self-exploration expedition. Also, don’t focus on just your vagina; fondle your entire body and treat your experience as an adventure to learn more about yourself. Be completely aware of what touches send thrills throughout your body. You never know what special spots you’ll find that arouses you!

Also, try finding sex toy alternatives you may already have in your home. For example, if you have a detachable shower head or a bathtub, you can use the running water to discover more stimulating sensations. You don’t always have to get an adult toy right away to enhance your solo sessions.

2. Choose your first sex toys based on how you love to touch yourself. 

Since you know what your pleasure zones are and what gets you excited, you can feel more secure about your search for the perfect sex toy. For instance, if you go straight for your clit during masturbation, clitoral vibrators are something you may love using to take your clit stimulation to the next level. Vibrators are one of the top-selling sex toys, so they’re worth the buzz. Based on this infographic about masturbation behavior among men and women, 53 percent of women depend on vibrators to climax during their alone time. Vibrators are one of the top-selling adult toys, so it’s no wonder that they’re a go-to product for women.

Lelo Lily Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator

 If you’re new to vibrators, something small or basic like the bullet vibrator or the classic vibe are great choices to go with. Bullet vibrators typically have one powerful speed to get you going. On the other hand, many classic vibrators have multiple speeds that you can experiment with, which is ideal for those who are new to sex toys and want to learn more about their own pleasure triggers.

If you like fingering yourself while getting tons of clit action, rabbit vibrators are the ultimate sex toys for every women to include in her pleasure box. Most rabbit vibrators are multipurpose and give you inner and outer stimulation. For example, the Posh 10 Function Bounding Bunny Vibrator by California Exotics features a curved shaft that you can insert inside you for a gentle and enjoyable G-spot massage. The bunny near the base has clit-tickling ears that tease your outer hotspot, and you’ll be able to feel the vibrations through the bunny ears. With their versatility, rabbit vibrators are essential to help give yourself the most pleasure all in one toy. Since there’s a never-ending list of all the different types of vibrators, you’ll be able to find the right vibe for you if you want to add one to your collection.

Posh 10 Function Bounding Bunny Vibrator

For those who want to enhance foreplay fun and get themselves ready for the main action, sex toys are ideal to have to tease and please yourself all day long. One example is the nipple clamp. They may seem intimidating at first, but nipple clamps come in a variety of styles and can be much more arousing than they seem. Some nipple clamps also have adjustable clamps so you can keep the intensity level at your pace. If you love fondling your breasts and nipples or you can even orgasm from nipple play, like 29 percent of women can, try nipple clamps and see if you’d like to add them to your masturbation sessions. You can also try nipple suction toys such as the Nipple Enhancer Set and MAXXX Powerful Nipple Suckers.

3. Experiment with other toys to see if you have any hidden hot buttons.

If you’re curious about your other hidden erogenous zones, experimenting with sex toys other than the mega-popular vibrator or dildo is a great way to be more aware of your body’s hotspots. For example, although they’ve been labeled as taboo in the past, anal sex toys are now becoming a regular part of the sex toy industry. Butt plugs, anal beads, and even anal dildos are delivering pleasure to your booty. If you’re just starting out, beginner butt plugs and anal beads are the best starter toys for anal play.

Jolie Pleasures Mini Jelly Butt Plug

To experience even stronger orgasms, whether you’re using sex toys or having sex with your partner, you can train your Kegel muscles. These muscles are also known as sex muscles, pelvic floor muscles or PC muscles, and they’re the ones that you feel contract when you orgasm. By regularly giving these muscles a good workout, you’ll help tone and strengthen them, which can help you achieve more intense orgasms during masturbation or intercourse. A study reported that women with strong or moderate Kegel muscles experienced more arousal and better orgasms compared with women who had weak muscles.

Lia Silicone Pelvic Love Balls

If you love teasing yourself all day long and want to get some Kegel muscle training in at the same time, test out Kegel health and sex toys. The most common Kegel training sex toys are ben wa balls. With these effective training toys, you’ll be able to tone up your muscles to help escalate your sexual pleasure. Some of these unique balls, also known as geisha balls, come in a set of two like the Gold Ben Wa Balls and Doc Johnson Black Rose Blooming Ben Wa Balls. These are more challenging than other love balls since you have to use all your sex muscles to keep these hidden treasures from falling out. If you want extra security when trying out these Kegel health toys, find balls that have a safety ring attached to them like the Lia Silicone Pelvic Love Balls and Jopen Mini Stella II Kegel Ball Set.

Exploring yourself sexually and testing out different pleasure tools that help you unleash your deepest desires is supposed to be fun! Take your time finding the right sex toys for your needs. Start small and work your way up to more advanced toys when you crave more, but your current toys aren’t giving you what you want anymore. If you’re interested in learning about the various kinds of sex toys before you buy your first ones, check out our collection of detailed sex toy guides.


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