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Beginner’s Guide To Anal Play

Beginner's Guide To Anal Play

Men and women alike, a little back door action can go a long way. While it’s commonly known that anal play is beneficial for men with easy access to the prostate gland (P-Spot, sexually speaking), woman can absolutely enjoy this erotic practice. For both sexes, the anus is jam packed with nerve endings – much like the ones on our lips – and can find immense pleasure in a little teasing (or a lot). Whether you’re an anal virgin or you’ve experimented with a finger here and there, education is your best friend when it comes to exploring the unknown territory.

Anal Play 101

There are some fundamental facts that you’ll need to know before introducing yourself to anal play and anal sex. You can research these in your own time, but we’ll just outline the basics that you should know in the heat of the moment.

Your Choice

It’s your bum, it’s your choice. Maybe you want to try it for pleasure, maybe you want to try something new, but it should never be because you feel pressured. Want to level the playing field? You can try one of our strap-ons to see if he’d like a go at what he’s after (he might even begrudgingly like it)

The Tip

When the penis goes in, that’s when it’ll hurt the most because the tip is the widest point (unless you’ve found the miraculous and scary man who isn’t). Just keep relaxed (relax, relax, relax) and fight the natural reflex to tighten as he enters.

You Aren’t Pooping

Not likely, anyway. Anally speaking, you’ve only ever felt one thing in your bum, so of course you’re pre-programmed to assume that any moving sensation is defecation. However this is rather unlikely and in the event that a bit of poo does end up on your partner’s penis, just remember – he wanted it too. 

Your Tools


Plugs are a great way to experiment with anal play and decide if it might be for you. Narrowest at the tip (unlike an actual penis), it takes away any initial pain you might feel upon penetration. Paired with the lack of movement (unless you want it), it’s a very safe and pleasurable choice for use during sex or on a solo run. You can start with small ones to work your way up, or try an anal training kit to see how far you can go. 


When it comes to anal, the key is lube, lube, lube! Much like its vanilla companion, anal sex can use both silicone and water-based lubricants with excellent results, depending on how much re-application you want. There are some excellent anal-specific lubes out there that also incorporate light desensitizers to lessen any unpleasant pain as well as relax the anal sphincter (though note, anal lubes are typically much stickier so that they’ll last longer and prevent discomfort)
See more on lube selections in our previous post here.

Other Toys

Once you’ve progressed past the newbie stage, you can branch into the endless world of anal toys.

Anal Beads provide an interesting sensation if you’re more into rim-play since this just simulates a less exaggerated form of entry.

Prostate Massagers are a God-send for men and if anything’s going to make you okay with back-door play, it’s this.

Vibrators are basically the same as your standard vibrator, but are often in plug-form (as it should be if you don’t want an awkward trip to the emergency room)

Pumps will be a good match for prostate pleasure as well as anal pleasure for women as this one-size-fits-all toy will adjust to whatever your comfort level.

Strap-Ons aren’t for the faint of heart, but they are for the adventurous. Maybe he just wants to try it out, or maybe you want to be in charge, but this is definitely among the most adventurous couple’s play.


Now that you know the basics, check out our collection of anal toys for beginners, and have fun!

Addie S
Addie S


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