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FAQ: How Can I Find The G-Spot?

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Every woman has it. Every. Single. One. But the G-spot wasn’t actually a documented phenomenon before Dr. Grafenberg “discovered” it 50 years ago (hence, G-spot). Ever since, this sexual terminology is thrown around willy-nilly without actually knowing what we’re talking about. Women are different sexually, this isn’t news, but the G-spot offers a concrete insight into what makes the vagina tick and a fun new way to explore yourself sexually.

What Is The G-Spot?

Your G-spot is more technical than you might think. While it can be the gateway to a woman’s pleasure zone, this urethral sponge’s biological purpose stops you from peeing during sex. That said, if you take the focus off wetting the bed, the feeling of reaching orgasm from G-spot stimulation might have you poking around that much more.

What Can The G-Spot Do?


There’s a reason half of the toys we stock for women are curved – by stimulating the G-spot just so, it’s the best sure-fire way to reach orgasm. While it’s not the be-all, end-all of sexual revelation, it provides another great way to play.


All women have the capacity to ejaculate, but it’s not always a dramatic squirting. Frequently women will mistake their ejaculate for an abundance of vaginal lubrication, and can even ejaculate retrograde into the bladder. The most likely way of achieving physical ejaculation is through the G-spot, and with a careful hand and relaxed body, you could be the one responsible for the wet spot this time around.

How Can I Find The G-Spot?

First up, the bad news: there’s no guarantee of finding your G-spot. You do have one, but between angling, arousal, thickness of skin, and a hundred other factors, you could be on a long journey. Never give up.

The good news will be obvious once you do find it. So let’s get started.


First, be turned on. The tissue needs to swell in order to make your G-prominent and much easier to find (and enjoy)

The G-spot can be felt inside the vagina, against the front wall, an inch or two inside the vagina. If you put in your finger (think 1.5 - 2 knuckle’s worth) and make the “come hither” motion, you should be able to feel something a bit rougher than the rest of that area. Keep playing around until you think you’ve found it. It won’t always be a surge of pleasure as soon as you touch it, so play around with different feelings and maybe incorporate some toys (like one of our many G-spot vibrators)

What Now?

G-spot stimulation rarely happens during sex, because that’s just not how men and women are built (no fair, right?) However you can certainly optimize this new knowledge by choosing positions that have him hit the spot a bit more consistently. Try a variation of doggy-style where your head and chest are lying down but your bottom is in the air. In missionary, pull your legs toward your chest to feel his penetration a bit deeper and feel that pleasure a little more. And when all else fails for female stimulation, there’s good old girl-on-top to control the speed, depth, and angling for your best experience.

If you’re still having some trouble locating the G-spot, try some kegel exercises and vaginal strengthening to highlight the area a bit more. Get a standard ben-wa ball set to work the muscles, or incorporate some vibrating balls into your exercise, because while vibrations aren’t necessary to stimulate the G-spot, they really never hurt.


Additionally, we have an entire selection of vibrators specifically for your G-spot to help your discover this pleasure zone that much easier

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Addie S


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