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Beginners Buying Guide To Dildos

Dildos are known to deliver body-shaking sensations through vaginal penetration, but there’s more to these thrilling sex toys.No matter what your sex desires you have, you can achieve incredible orgasms from these fantastic toys. They’re one of the basic must-haves in every pleasure toolbox.

If you've ever wondered what to use as a dildo, read through this guide to discover the different types of dildos available, and add one (or more!) of your favorites to your sex toy collection.

Big Bangin’ Fun

Large Dildos

 Large Dildo - Raging Hard Ons 10 Inch

Satisfy your cravings and fill yourself up to the max with a large dildo! Designed to be extra girthy and, sometimes, even super long (like the Raging Hard-Ons 10 Inch Dildo), these supersized dildos are meant to give you maximum pleasure. If small- or regular-sized dildos aren’t fulfilling your sex needs, up your game and try a large dildo instead. From realistic dildos to black dildos, large dildos come in a wide selection of styles and designs. You can even find one-of-a-kind dildos to entertain yourself with, such as The Hand by Doc Johnson.

 Realistic Dildos

 Topco Star Performers 8 Inch Leading Man Realistic Cock

Craving the real thing, but don’t have one nearby? A realistic dildo is the best alternative when you’re wanting more exciting and intimate sex play. Realistic dildos come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all have distinct, lifelike features such as bulging veins and a cock head. Topco Star Performers 8 Inch Leading Man Realistic Cock is an example of a typical realistic dildo. With these extra stimulating traits, these realistic dildos are close to the real thing and can deliver incredible sensations to your lady hot spot. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced sex toy player, you can indulge in a more exciting and personal play with a lifelike cock dildo.

Porn Star Molded Dildos

 Shane Diesel, Mr. Marcus, and Manuel Ferrera

Have you ever fantasized about your favorite porn star? Make your fantasies come true with a pornstar molded dildo! These dildos are made from a cast of a famous porn star’s cock. Shane Diesel, Mr. Marcus, and Manuel Ferrera are just a few of the many pornstar molded dildos available. Packed with pleasure, these unique dildos come in thick, large, and fulfilling sizes.

Black Dildos

 Real Skin Whoppers 6.5 Inch Dildo

Enjoy the thrills of a large dildo in a new color with a black dildo. Black dildos come in realistic black skin color like the Real Skin Whoppers 6.5 Inch Dildo and in midnight black like the Basix Realistic Slim Black Dildo. Most black dildos feature a realistic dildo design to give you a more intimate experience.

Direct Pleasure to Your Sweet Spots

G-Spot Dildos

 Lelo Ella

Stroke your G-spot with ease and lavish in exciting dildo play with G-spot dildos. These dildos are shaped with an elegant curve to give you precise G-spot stimulation. Some G-spot dildos come in different designs that deliver extra thrills to your hot spots, such as the Icicles No. 55 G-Spot Curved Glass Dildo, while others have a luxurious sleek and smooth design like the Lelo Ella Luxury Dildo. With so many options to choose from, your G-spot will love being teased and tantalized with these specially designed sex toys.

Anal Dildos

 Glass Anal Dildos

Most dildos are used for vaginal penetration, but we know that there are plenty of pleasure enthusiasts who want to please their backdoor hot spot with sensual dildo play. That’s why there’s a wide selection of anal dildos that you can use to take your dildo fun to the back! From glass sculptures to lifelike designs, anal dildos are created with a wide range of forms that fit any experience level and preference.

Sleek and Smooth

Glass Dildos

 Icicles 63 - Swirly Glass Dildo

Beautifully sculpted into an erotic work of art that doubles as a sensational pleasure tool, a glass dildo is a unique and stunning sex toy to add to your secret stash. Each glass dildo has its own designs that help give you maximum stimulation, such as the breathtaking, realistically textured Icicles No. 63 Swirly Glass Dildo. What’s great about glass dildos is that you can find one that fits your needs, and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind sculpture as part of your collection. Since glass dildos are rigid and temperature-responsive, you get precise and firm inner arousal that’s completely different from using other dildos. If you want to branch out with your sex toy collection, add one of these beauties to it!

Silicone Dildos

 Smooth Silicone Dildos

Made from high-quality silicone material, these silicone dildos are ideal when you want pleasure and comfort all in one. Silky smooth and soft, these topnotch dildos slide in effortlessly so you can get right to the fun. From realistic designs to suction cup dildos, silicone-made dildos have different styles that you can choose from to fit your pleasure preferences.

Dildos with Special Features

Suction Cup Dildos

Have more fun with dildos with a suction cup dildo! Designed with a strong suction cup on the end, these dildos allow you to attach them to any flat, smooth surface for hands-free fun. From shower walls to hardwood floors, you can take the fun out of the bedroom and make your entire environment your sexy playground. Many suction cup dildos come in different styles, including black dildos, porn star dildos, and even ejaculating dildos. Most of these dildos also have a realistic cock design to intensify your sexual experience, and some even come with extra features like this Real Feel Deluxe Vibrating Suction Cup Dildo You’ll still get the naughty fun that dildos offer, but you’ll get even more versatility with a suction cup dildo. If you want to take your sex play to the next level, some suction cup dildos are harness-friendly, so you can use it as a strap-on toy.

Double-Ended Dildos

 Doc Johnson Realistic 18 Inch Double Dildo

Make dildo play a part of your steamy love session by including a double-ended dildo! Double-ended dildos come in two different styles. Like the Doc Johnson Realistic 18 Inch Double Dildo, you can find double-ended dildos that have a longer length than regular dildos, which can be used for vaginal and anal penetration for male-female couples or double vaginal penetration for lesbian couples. With these long, double-ended sex toys, you can add more erotic fun in your bedroom pleasure. If you want to go solo, try the dual-action, double-ended dildos that penetrate you vaginally and anally like the Real Feel Deluxe No. 8 Dual-Probed Vibrating Dildo. You get a vaginal and anal dildo all in one toy! When you want double the sexual ecstasy or you want to make love-making extra exciting, these double-ended dildos are great pleasure tools to use. From realistic dildos to glass dildos, these dual-action sex toys are available in different styles and still deliver sensational thrills.

Harness Dildos

 Vac-U-Lock Supreme Strap-On with Realistic Black Dildo

Peg or thrust away with a harness dildo! If you want to help your partner experience even greater thrills in the bedroom, a harness dildo is an essential for your pleasure toolbox. These dildos are harness-friendly and are ready for your pegging and penetration pleasure. They’re specially designed with a wide, round base so that harnesses with O-rings can hold onto the dildos. You can also find harness dildos with strap-on harnesses included, such as the Vac-U-Lock Supreme Strap-On with Realistic Black Dildo.

Strapless Dildos

 Tantus Realdoe Strapless Double Dildo

No need for strap-on harnesses for hands-free fun when you have a strapless dildo! These dildos are double-ended: One side features a bulb-shaped stump for you to insert and clamp your vagina muscles around while the other side has a long dildo for penetrating your partner. Many strapless dildos come in a realistic design, such as the Tantus Realdoe Strapless Double Dildo, to make your experience extra thrilling for you and your lover. Feel closer than ever with a strapless dildo instead of a bulky harness strap-on. You’ll feel like you have the real thing as part of you, so you can give your partner a more mind-blowing, unforgettable love-making session. Since strapless dildos require strong Kegel muscles, be sure to check Kegel training tools such as ben wa balls to strengthen your sex muscles for a better grip around the bulb end of the dildo.


Ejaculating Dildos


Take realistic dildos to the next level with ejaculating dildos! These innovate sex toys are designed to give you a completely real experience. All you need to do is load up the pump with lubricant and pump away when you’re ready to unload your cock-like dildo. The dildo toy itself typically has a lifelike design to make your sexy solo session feel like the real thing. Some ejaculating dildos have a suction cup on the end so you can enjoy hands-free play and focus on squirting your dildo’s load inside you.

Homemade Dildos

 Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Moulding Kit in Neon Purple

Make yourself a clone of your favorite cock with a homemade dildo kit! These kits are packed with all the tools you need to create your own one-of-a-kind dildo, and they also come in various colors for more customization options, such as the Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Moulding Kit in Neon Purple and the Clone-A-Willy Chocolate Moulding Kit. Perfect for couples, these dildo molding kits let you keep a replica of your man’s cock to use when a craving hits you hard. These kits also make a great bachelorette party gift for the bride-to-be or fun party favors for your girls. Some of these homemade dildos also double as vibrators and include multi-speed vibrators to add to your handmade dildo. You’ll have your own realistic dildo vibrator in your bedroom drawer for all those times you want satisfying sexual pleasure.  

Vibrating Dildos

Rod Power Stud Vibrator


Satisfy your need for a dildo and vibrator all in one. These vibrating dildos are programmed with multiple speeds and functions like the Rod Power Stud Vibrator  to give you the ultimate pleasure-packed experience. From flesh-colored realistic dildos to fun and colorful dildos, these hybrid dildos come in a wide range of assorted colors and styles for your choosing.



From jaw-dropping mammoth-sized dildos to delicate and stunning glass dildos, there are countless dildo sex toys for you to entertain yourself with. Continue exploring your sexual horizons and these exciting pleasure wands and add more to your collection over time.

If you’re new to dildos, we hope this guide has helped you in deciding what type of dildo to start out with (our recommendation: start off with an average-sized dildo before you move on to the big boys).

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