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Beginner's Buying Guide To Male Sex Toys

Sex toys are exciting elements to bring to your sex life, and they can enhance sexual arousal for you so you can experience stronger, mind-blowing orgasms. Whether you want to enhance masturbation play or bring something extra fun to try with your partner in the bedroom, you’ll discover the amazing assortment of male sex toys that you can add to your collection from this detailed guide!

Must-Have Accessories for Your Cock

Cock Rings

Sex & Mischief Nitrile Cock Ring 3 Pack  

Make your erection bigger and better with cock rings! Cock rings, also known as C-rings, penis rings, and erection rings, are one of the most versatile sex toys for men, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and styles to fit your experience level and sexual preferences.

For beginners, start off with a soft and stretchy cock ring like the Screaming O RingO Cock Ring. With the pliable texture and material, stretchy cock rings fit your cock and give you just enough restriction to give you a taste of the intense pleasure you can enjoy when you move up to more advanced cock rings. For more restriction, you can try a cock ring that has a firm and rigid form; e.g., Large Alloy Metallic Cock Ring.

Beginners can also train their way to better C-ring sex toys or add versatility in cock ring play by having a complete set of erection rings, such as the Sex & Mischief Nitrile Cock Ring 3 Pack set. You can experiment with these penis ring sets by switching up the rings during masturbation or intercourse. These sets have rings that fit around just your cock or around your cock and balls for double the pleasure. If you prefer an all-in-one cock ring sex toy, choose something like the Renegade Man’s Penis Ring and Ball Harness toy. These penis rings have two rings that wrap around your cock and balls to increase restriction and prolong your pleasure even more.

Some men may enjoy a more customized sexual experience, and that’s where adjustable cock rings come in. Adjustable cock rings can be designed with slider beads that give you the perfect fit every time like the Doc Johnson Adjustable Silicone Cock Ring Set. With adjustable cock rings, you can tighten and loosen as much as you like. The unique quick-release feature that most adjustable cock rings have allow you to enjoy even better orgasms. Right before you orgasm, release the cock ring to make those waves of pleasure even more intense.  

If you want to share the C-ring love with your partner, try a vibrating cock ring such as the Jopen Ella Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring. These cock rings are designed to give your lady outer stimulation while you still get the thrills of an erection ring.

Penis Pumps & Enlargers

 Pump Worx Pistol Grip Power Pump by Pipedream Make your cock bigger and firmer and make every sexual moment better than ever with a penis pump! Penis pumps are one of the few effective tools to use when you want to make your cock larger naturally for a short period of time. These penis enlargers are available in different functional designs. While some penis pumps have a simple pump and suction mechanism to increase your cock size, other pumps are battery-operated so you don’t have to do the pumping yourself. Some popular penis pumps that give you the girth and length you want include the Pump Worx Mega Vac Power Penis Pump and Pump Worx Pistol Grip Power Pump, which are on our list of the Top 25 Best-Selling Sex Toys for Men.  

Penis Sleeves and Extensions

Real-Feel Penis Extension  

Slip your cock into a penis sleeve or extension for more exciting solo sessions and sexual encounters with your partner! If you want to add extra sensual stimulation while you’re masturbating, penis sleeves are the way to go. Penis sleeves can come with nubs like the Dr. Joel Kaplan Adjustable Masturbator Sleeve, delivering unique sensations to your cock and heightening your pleasure senses. You can also find penis sleeve masturbators in other designs that bring more stimulation to your cock, such as the Doc Johnson Mood Thrill UR3 Masturbator.

If you want to add girth or length to your cock instantly and make sex better for you and your partner, penis extensions are the perfect sex accessories for you. Penis extensions like the Real-Feel Penis Extension let you fulfill your partner’s sexual desires and fantasies. These accessories are similar to the hollow strap-ons, which feature a hollow dildo attachment that holds your cock inside. Extensions have a hollow center that you can use to slide your penis in.

You can also use these extensions if you have conditions like erectile dysfunction to help you give your partner sexual pleasure any time. Most penis extensions have a lifelike design, which makes your lovemaking even more realistic and intimate.

Male Masturbators That Will Electrify Solo Play

Realistic Butts and Realistic Vaginas

Extreme Flip-N-Fuck Me Pussy & Ass Realistic Masturbator

If you’re craving the real thing, get wild with a realistic butt or vagina masturbator sex toy! These lifelike models are designed to give you the most authentic experience possible so you can reach maximum pleasure.

Some male masturbators come with both booty and pussy holes for you to enjoy like the Extreme Flip-N-Fuck Me Pussy & Ass Realistic Masturbator, and you can find others that even include boobs for you to play with, too, like the Extreme Titty Fuck-Her Vibrating Masturbator.  

One of the most popular pussy strokers on the market is the Fleshlight. Camouflaged as a flashlight, these portable and convenient realistic vaginas are essentials for every pussy-loving male collection. The design is just like the real thing, so you can give your hand a break and use a Fleshlight to satisfy your sexual cravings.

Another popular realistic vagina is the Cyberskin Stroker by Topco. These fun and innovative sex toys come in a wide variety of styles, and some are even made from real-life pornstars like Zoe Britton and Ashlyn Rae. You won’t be able to feel the difference with these realistic masturbators!


Sex Dolls

 Make your fantasies come to life with sex dolls! Sex dolls, also known as love dolls, are not only excellent and effective pleasure tools to use for lifelike play while you masturbate, but they’re also great sex toys to practice with to gain more sex experience. From flight attendants to secretaries, sex dolls can come in a wide range of female characters that fulfill every man’s fantasies. If you want to bring some laughter and fun to your friends, sex dolls also make amusing gag gifts.

TENGA Flip Holes and Eggs

TENGA Flip Holes  

TENGA Flip Holes and Eggs are one-of-a-kind, innovative male masturbators that are portable and pleasurable. TENGA Flip Holes are strokers that feature unique nubs and are specially designed to stimulate every inch of your cock. Each TENGA Flip Hole come in different colors and inner designs, but they all have the same purpose: to give you ultimate masturbation pleasure.

Flip Holes have a soft, plush hole entrance to make insertion comfortable, and you can “flip” these masturbators open to reveal the textures on the inside. Easy to clean and sensationally structured, TENGA Flip Holes are a must-have for your pleasure toy box. Collect each Flip Hole so you can have plenty of versatile erotic play!

If you want to bring pleasure tools with you anywhere, bring a TENGA Egg wherever you go so you can enhance your solo sessions any time. With a simple and creative design, these portable naughty goodies are made from stretchy material and can cover your entire erection.

Since they’re super stretchy and pliable, you can customize the Egg to your liking and get the most out of it. To please yourself in multiple ways and never get bored with your sex toys, grab a pack of the TENGA Egg Variety Set, which features six miniature TENGA Eggs that have different textures and still maintain the signature stretchy form.

Extra Pleasure Tools for You to Indulge In

Prostate Massagers

 Aneros Eupho Syn Prostate Massager

Achieve powerful, anal-stimulated orgasms with ease by having a prostate massager as part of your collection! Prostate massagers are specially designed to help you reach your p-spot effortlessly and give it direct, irresistible stimulation.

Some massagers have a vibrator function to give you an extra buzz of pleasure; e.g., the Aneros Eupho Syn Prostate Massager, which is the #1 sex toy for men on our best-selling list! For a more unique, tantalizing sensation when you’re massaging your hidden pleasure zone, try a curved metal anal plug like the Metal Worx Luv Anal Plug or glass-made prostate massager like the Icicles No. 31.

Male Vibrators

 Rocks Off 7 Speed Bad-Boy Prostate Vibrator

Give your hot zones an extra tingle of pleasure with male vibrators! Vibrators for men include prostate massagers and cock rings. If you want to experiment with anal play or you’re looking to enhance your experience with anal, a vibrating prostate massager like the Rocks Off 7 Speed Bad-Boy Prostate Vibrator. Stimulating the prostate or p-spot is known to give most men powerful orgasms, and adding some buzz to the fun can intensify your orgasms even more.

Another fun male vibrator is vibrating penis sleeves such as the Stretchy Vibrating Bunny Enhancer Cock Ring. Penis sleeves slip onto your cock and help enhance your erection to keep you harder for longer; think of them as extended cock rings. Some penis sleeves are also designed to tease and tantalize your partner, and some of them include a vibrator to make your bedroom play even more fun.

Hollow Strap Ons


Give your partner never-ending pleasure with a hollow strap on! Making your sexy play more intimate, these hollow strap ons are designed to hold your cock inside the dildo attachment and allow you to have better control when thrusting the toy inside your partner.

Even if you’re not hard or your hard-on isn’t at its max yet, you can satisfy your partner, and hollow strap ons allow you to feel even closer to them. Some hollow strap ons feature thick and long cock dildo attachments, so you can give your lover a more fulfilling experience!


As you can see from this guide, there are plenty of sex toys that men can use to enhance their own sexual pleasure. From wild realistic pussy strokers to simple and effective cock rings, these sensational sex toys make solo play and sex more fun for you. You don’t have to rely on your hand anymore when you have these incredible sex toys to play with!

If you’d like to learn more about different sex toys out there or you’re shopping for a naughty gift for your partner, check out our other sex toy guides!



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