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Beginner's Buying Guide To Women's Sex Toys

Indulge yourself with high-quality, sexually pleasing goodies with these sex toys for women! If you’re new to sex toys, use this guide to make your adult toy buying experience easier and more fun for you. This guide touches upon popular sex toys and accessories that women enjoy, and you’ll learn the basics of these common pleasure tools and how they can satisfy even the strongest sexual cravings.


7 Function Classic Chic 6 Inch Waterproof Vibrator  Bring on the buzz with thrilling vibrators! Vibrators are one of the hottest female sex toys, and you can find vibes in countless designs, functions, colors, and more. You’ll never have a problem finding the right vibrator for you!

New to vibrators? Bullet vibes and classic vibrators are essential for every novice. With the simple and sleek design, these beginner-friendly vibrators introduce you to the world of vibrators without intimidating you. The 7 Function Classic Chic 6 Inch Vibrator is an example of a fun starter classic vibe that you can experiment with. Most bullet vibrators come with a single powerful speed, which lets you get a taste of vibrational pleasure and intensifies your orgasms.

Many classic vibrators come with multiple speed modes or vibration functions that you can play with, so they’re a must-have if you like to have more variety. If you’ve been on the vibrator train for a while, try something more advanced and satisfying like large-sized vibrators and realistic dildo vibrators. You’ll get even more pleasure from these exhilarating sex toys.

The Rabbit 10 Speed Silicone Touch Massager

While you’re browsing through the various kinds of vibrators, be sure to grab a rabbit vibrator and add this timeless pleasure tool as part of your collection! Rabbit vibrators are versatile, multipurpose sex toys that are designed to give you tickling and tantalizing pleasure from the inside out. Most rabbit vibrators act as dildos, too, so you can get the best of both worlds, but you can also find miniature rabbit vibes that deliver extra exciting stimulation for you on the outside like the Rabbit 10 Speed Touch Massager.

Rabbit vibrators are typically high-tech pleasure toys that offer different functions that vary from rotating beads in the dildo shaft to multiple vibration speeds. These toys are a vital part of every woman’s pleasure box! Butterfly vibrators are also available if you want more friendly critters to play with.

Lelo Iris 5 Function Luxury G-Spot Vibrator

If you want to treat yourself to the best sex toys on the market, try a luxury vibrator! Made from topnotch materials, these luxurious sex toys are the perfect indulgences when you want to pamper yourself with lots of sexy loving. These high-end vibes are designed to give you the ultimate self-pleasure possible. From the stunning Lelo Iris 5 Function Luxury G-Spot Vibrator to the Jimmyjane FORM 2 Luxury Rechargeable Dual Clitoral Vibrator, luxury vibrators come in a wide range of styles and functions. You’ll be able to find one that hits the right spots for you!

For more detailed information on every kind of vibrator that you can bring home with you, check out our Beginner’s Buying Guide for Vibrators.


Icicles No. 60 Beginner's Slimline Realistic Glass Dildo Ride your way to body-rockin’ heaven with dildos! The main differences between a vibrator and a dildo are that most dildos don’t vibrate and they’re typically used for inner pleasure instead of outer. You’ll also find that most dildos mimic the real thing and have lifelike designs, such as bulging veins and cock heads, to give you a more intimate and exciting experience. Some dildos come in different styles to give you even more stimulation, such as glass, vibrating, and even metal.
Doc Johnson Realistic 12 Inch Double Dildo If you’re looking for a dildo that’s extra fun to play with, there are dildos available that take any kind of sex play to the next level. Double-ended dildos are an example of dildos that provide a unique purpose. You can use these dual action dongs with your partner and make the bedroom hotter than ever! Another one-of-a-kind dildo is the ejaculating dildo, which gives you a real-life experience and makes your naughty play explosive.
Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Moulding Kit Neon Purple

Interested in having your own customized dildo? Then try a homemade dildo kit! With these fun and creative kits, you’ll be able to mold your favorite cock and manifest your own copy in dildo form.

For more information on the wide variety of dildos, read our Beginner’s Buying Guide for Dildos and discover the wild and thrilling dongs that you can add to your steamy solo or lovemaking playtime!

Anal Toys

COLT Anal Trainer Butt Plug Kit

Indulge in naughty backdoor pleasure with sensual anal toys! Whether you want to experience anal play by yourself or if you want to bring anal sex toys to the bedroom and experiment with your partner, anal toys are a surefire way to make your sex life even more thrilling. If you’re new to the anal play world, start small and go with beginner-friendly anal toys such as anal beads and small butt plugs. These toys are small and gentle enough to give you booty pleasure without going too extreme.

If you want to get bigger anal toys for even more arousal, experiment with anal training toy kit like the COLT Anal Trainer Butt Plug Kit. Since most kits come with multiple butt plugs or other anal sex toys in different sizes and styles, you can gain more experience with anal play and be ready for anal sex with your partner or prepare yourself for more advanced anal sex toys like inflatable butt plugs.

Fetish Fantasy Elite Unisex Douche

To refresh and prep yourself before any backdoor pleasure, add an anal hygiene essential in your pleasure tool collection. From anal cleansing douches to anal lubricants, these anal pleasure-enhancing and hygiene tools will help enhance your anal sex experience.

 Ben Wa Balls

Fetish Fantasy Ben Wa Balls

Make your Kegel muscles stronger with ben wa balls! Kegel muscles, which are also known as sex muscles or love muscles, are located in pelvic area. When these muscles are strong and toned, your vagina becomes tighter and, ultimately, helps you achieve more powerful orgasms. Besides doing ordinary squeezing exercises, you can use ben wa balls to strengthen these muscles. Most ben wa balls, also known as geisha balls, come in a set of two, such as the Fetish Fantasy Ben Wa Balls.

To use the balls, you place them inside your vagina and use your Kegels to keep them in place. Even when you’re doing everyday activities, you can train your sex muscles for better sexual pleasure!

Lia Silicone Pelvic Love Balls

If you want extra security when you’re training with ben wa balls, you can find Kegel balls that are held in a pouch with a loop ring or string attached to make it easier to pull out the ben wa balls. The Lia Silicone Pelvic Love Balls and the Jopen Mini Stella II Kegel Ball Set are examples of ben wa balls that have safety features for your convenience.

 Essentials for Her

Sixty Nine Lick Me Cherry Female Enhancement Cream

Always be prepared for those intimate moments by loading your pleasure box with essentials for her! From lubricants to anal hygiene tools, there are plenty of sex aids and accessories that will make every sexual experience even better.

If you’re looking for lubricants for sex toys or sex with your partner, you can find lubes that are flavored for lip-smacking fun; lubes that make your skin feel cool and tingle; and gels that enhance stimulation. You can find all kinds of lubricants and gels to boost your pleasure!

Nipple Enhancer Set

Want to add more excitement in your sex life? Accessorize with naughty, sexually stimulating accessories like nipple toys! From nipple enhancers that make your nipples extra sensitive to nipple clamps that give you a slight pinch of pain with tons of pleasure, nipple toys make a great pleasure boost whenever you want.

My Micro Miracle Massager Vibrator

Another essential for women is a massager vibrator, which you can use to relax in more ways than one. You can use massagers to relax tense muscles or use it to give your clitoris direct and strong stimulation as many women love to do! Lumina Adjustable Speed Massager is an example of a standard massager vibrator.

But, if you want to take a massager vibrator with you everywhere you go, don’t worry! Massagers don’t always come in large, noticeable sizes. For example, the My Micro Miracle Massager Vibrator can help you ease your muscle and sexual tensions while you’re on the go.

If you’d like to learn more about the wide selection of sex toys for women, take a look at our Top 25 Best-Selling Sex Toys for Women list and see what women are spoiling themselves with this year! You can also learn more about different sex toys for women, men, and more from our buying guides.

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Beginner's Buying Guide To Women's Sex Toys

Indulge yourself with high-quality, sexually pleasing goodies with these sex toys for women! If you’re new to sex toys, use this guide to make your adult toy buying experience easier and more fun for you. This guide touches upon popular sex toys and accessories that women enjoy, and you’ll learn the basics of these common pleasure tools and how they can satisfy even the strongest sexual cravings.

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