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Episode 1: Meet The Founders of My Bedroom Spice

By Clayton Ferguson on January 19, 2016

In this episode, you'll learn:

    • The back story of the company's two founders.
    • How a change in vision led to a complete re-branding.
    • Our favorite toys for the bed-side table.
    • Real-world sex advice we've heard -- and why you should AVOID it!


    Listen to the My Bedroom Spice Podcast below...


    Products Mentioned in this Episode:

    Show notes:

    00:13- Introduction
    00:55- Clay's story
    02:00- Drew's story / history of
    03:38- Re-branding? What made the creation of mybedroomspice? What is the vision for the site / store?
    06:22- What is your favorite product? What's in your bedside table?
    09:00- What is your favorite part of the female body?
    10:30- What is the best sex advice you can give?
    13:08- What is the WORST sex advice you've received that you actually followed through on?

    Clayton Ferguson
    Clayton Ferguson


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