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Episode 2: Sex Ed Never Ends, with Jon Pressick

By Clayton Ferguson on February 06, 2016


 “… now there’s sex blogs, a lot of sex bogs, from caring considerate and educated people who are providing strong information; it’s become such an integral part of sex education.  Young people and old people should be reading these blogs” – Jon Pressick

We knew Jon had a lot to say on the topic of sex, and he blew away our expectations.  Jon is a powerful voice in the online community, promoting education and exploration of our sexuality. 

Jon Pressick (@sexinwords) is a sex blogger and writer at Sex in  He’s also the editor of ‘Best Sex Writing of the Wear (@bestsexwriters) and co-host and producer of Sex City Radio (@sexcityradio)

In this episode, we cover and handful of topics and stories.  People of all ages will benefit from Jon’s fantasic advice on the topic of s.e.x. 


Listen to the Episode Below...


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Show Notes

  • Jon talks about his 20 year history as a sex writer and educator, as well as the origins of his blog Sex in [1:12]
  • How the internet evolved to become the most valuable source of information for people to improve their sex lives [3:45]
  • How the lack of regulation and education regarding sex and sex toys led to unsafe and toxic toys being sold in the marketplace [6:20]
  • What about sex education for adults?  Is it ever too late to learn? [7:20]
  • Why sex workshops are an excellent method for learning about sexuality from experts and community members [11:18]
  • How to handle sex education with your children [17:05]
  • Jon talks about the experience of publishing his book ‘best sex writing of the year’ [21:50]
  • What’s your favorite sex toy of all time [25:20]


Clayton Ferguson
Clayton Ferguson


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