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Episode 3: Sex Advice From A 5 Year Veteran Sex Toy Reviewer

By Adam C on February 13, 2016


“It’s sad that people have to learn in a way how sex toys integrate from your life through porn.  You don’t always need to thrust a vibrator, there’s no shame in having multiple toys for multiple areas.  There’s no shame in not even having an orgasm, because sex is fun!  I spent years using toys all wrong, because that’s what media taught me…”

– Addie


Addie (@mytickletrunk) has been writing sex toy reviews professionally for 5 years!  That’s a lot of sex toys, and a lot of knowledge, which is why we invited Addie to be our honored 3rd guest to the mybedroomspice podcast!   

In this episode, we cover and handful of topics and stories.  Here’s a few things you’ll learn:

  • How to get started with dirty talk, and a few things you can try at home
  • All the reasons why Glass sex toys rock!
  • How to use toys to help have your first G-Spot orgasm
  • And much, much more!


Listen to the Episode Below...

Links Mentioned in the Episode

 Show Notes

  • How winning a sex toy as a gag launched Addies part time career reviewing sex toys [1:12]
  • How to handle significant others when your work is associated with the adult industry [3:50]
  • Growing up and dealing with sexuality around your conservative (or not too conservative!) families [7:00]
  • Addies best advice for women getting started with sex toys [11:30]
  • Sexual stereotypes that scare people off from exploration [13:50]
  • Dirty talk; a learning experience [18:00]
  • Glass toys; and why they’re Addies new favorite [21:15]
  • Dildos, vibrators and magic wands [25:00]
  • Having your first G-Spot orgasm [27:00]
  • Addies top recommended sex blogs and resources on the web [31:30]


Adam C
Adam C


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