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Silicone Anal Beads

Choose The Best Anal Beads

Build your anal experience and start off with the anal beads! Anal beads are a great anal tool to use to give you both pleasure and training for even bigger and better anal toys. Whether you want to boost sexual ecstasy while you’re getting it on with your lover or give yourself extra thrilling sensations when you’re having a steamy solo session, anal beads are an incredible sex accessory to add to your naughty play.

Most of these beginner-friendly anal toys have a classic beaded design. The beads gradually get larger as you go deeper, which allows you to test out the right size for you and experiment with the larger beads on your terms. Anal bead toys tend to have a long, slim, and flexible shaft that bends and curves to your own unique inner contours for a better and more comfortable fit. Some variations of anal beads feature a vibrating function to add extra stimulation for even more backdoor bliss.

You'll also find that many anal beads have handy safety ring on the end for easy removal, giving you the assurance you need for safe anal sex. Simple, easy, and pleasurable – that’s what anal beads are all about! Pick up one now and add anal play in your sex routine. Hot Sex Tip: If you want to experience even more mind-blowing orgasms with an anal bead toy, pull out the beads while you’re climaxing for maximum pleasure.