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Tantus Beginner Butt Plugs

Find The Best Beginner Butt Plugs

Ready to enter the erotic world of anal play? Start your adventure with a beginner-friendly butt plug! Designed in a perfectly petite form, these specially designed anal plugs are your guides to pure, painless backdoor pleasure. Most beginner butt plugs feature a slimmer version of a traditional plug, which helps you slip the toy inside you effortlessly and gives you a taste of anal pleasure. If you’re new to anal play, these fun toys are ideal for training your booty for bigger anal plugs.

Beginner butt plugs are also designed to give you maximum comfort and security.You’ll find that many of our plugs feature a wide, flat base and a slim, tapered neck. This design helps prevent the anal toy from going too deep and makes it easy to remove the the plug any time. What’s more, you can take advantage of these flat-based anal plugs for hands-free entertainment! You can slip the plug inside you and the tapered design will help it stay in place while you do everyday activities. You’ll have the irresistible Some plugs have a grip handle or a retrieval ring instead of a flat base, which still provides the same amount of safety and security for your pleasure.

Want to try a plug that’s not in the classic triangular design? We also offer beginner butt plugs in different designs, from anal beads to metal-made. Explore our wide selection of sensational and safe butt plugs and get ready for even more pleasure in your sex life!