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Strapless Dildos

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Choose The Best Strapless Dildos

Feel closer than ever to your partner with strapless dildos! Similar to double-ended dildos, these kinky sex toys feature a small bulb on one end and a sensational shaft on the other. The bulb is used as a grip, which is inserted in the vagina, and gives you complete control of all the thrusting action. The cock shaft is used to penetrate your mate vaginally or anally, and some models have curved cocks for G-spot or p-spot stimulation.

You can even use a strapless dildo for self-pleasure by using the bulb as the handle and inserting the shaft inside you. Simple and convenient, these sensual dildos make your experience even more intimate and allows you to deliver incredible, mind-blowing orgasms to your partner – no straps needed! Some of the harness-free dildos we carry also have a vibrator for more exciting sensations and waves of pleasure.

If you want to strengthen your Kegel or PC muscles to develop a better grip on the strapless dildo, check out our kegel exercisers and add one to your toy collection.