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Ben Wa Balls

Discover The Best Ben Wa Balls

Give your sex muscles a good workout with ben wa balls! Created hundreds of years ago in Asia, these thrilling pleasure balls have traveled through time to today’s world and are popular go-to Kegel balls. These weighted balls are designed to tone and tighten your Kegel muscles, which are the muscles you feel when you contract during orgasm. Many ben wa balls are known as jiggly balls because of small inner ball that jiggles slightly when you move. This helps encourage you to tighten around the balls to keep them in place, strengthening your muscles in return.

Not only are these classic, effective training tools to keep your vagina tight and sex muscles strong, but they also produce exquisite sensations that massages your inner sweet spots for enhanced sexual arousal. You can even wear them during everyday activities to make every day extra exciting. These fun Kegel exercisers are great for foreplay as well. If you’re feeling super naughty, wear these pleasure balls all day long, build up your sexual excitement, and pounce on your lover or mount your favorite sex toy and go wild!

Ben wa balls vary in sizes, so beginners should always start with smaller sizes and work their way up to the big boys. If you want to add extra safety to your Kegel exercises, we also offer ben wa balls that have a retrieval ring on the end for easy removal. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, you can find the right ben wa balls just for your experience level and preference.