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Max Shave Total Body Shave Cream 4oz/118mL

by Classic Erotica

Max Shave Total Body Shave Cream 4oz/118mL

by Classic Erotica

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  • Try being bare – not just down there, but all over – and discover the wonders a hair-free body can do for your sex life!

    The Max Shave Total Body Shave Cream from Classic Erotica’s Max 4 Men line, aims to amplify the average man’s sex life. The easiest way to do so? Create a clean, safe, and skin-conditioning formula that bares it all and enhances every touch, lick, and nibble to a new level of pleasure. Unique, natural ingredients protect skin and provides a sexy, fresh scent to add to the sexual tension between lovers.

    Apply the shave cream and experience a super-close and smooth shave like never before. Choose from 2 fragrances: Fresh – the clean scent of Tuscan rain, with notes of crisp cotton, citrus, and white cedar, and Bamboo – the wooden scent of green vine and rosemary, with small hints of sharp pepper.

    Key Benefits

    • Hair smoothening Hydrolyzed Hair Keratin Protein tames coarse hairs for a close shave
    • Jojoba Seed Oil lubricates sensitive skin
    • Pro-Vitamin B5 nourishes dry skin
    • Allantoin calms the skin to avoid rashes, bumps and ingrown hairs
    • Comes in two irresistible fragrances
    • Pheromones enhance sex appeal

    Experience Total Bliss with a Hair-Free Total Body Shave!

    Real Specs

    • Appropriate to use on legs, underarms, pubic area, face and body.
    • Scented with male inspired fragrances.
    • Pheromone sex attractant infused for maximum male magnetism.
    • Tube contains 4 fluid ounces, 118ml. No animal testing.

Brand:Classic Erotica

Product #: MBS-CE802004

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