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What the F*ck! Game Totally F*cked Up Version

by Kheper Games

What the F*ck! Game Totally F*cked Up Version

by Kheper Games

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Get your friends to admit to the most outrageous questions in the What the F*ck! Game: Totally Fucked Up Version!

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  • Break the ice at any party with this hilarious and ridiculous game!  Play with as many people as you want, and ask crazy questions to an individual or team inspired from the cards. Anyone with incorrect guesses takes a drink or shot. Find out if your friend would rather stick their tongue on a frozen pole or in a horse's mouth!

    The What the F*ck Game includes two books that have over 400 outrageous questions. You'll never run out of questions or get bored with this game!

    The Totally F*cked Up Version is a twist on the classic "What the F*ck!" Game. This set includes two questionnaire books, three dice, 24 A/B coins, and game instructions.

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    Key Benefits:

    • Over 400 ridiculous and totally f*cked up questions to ask 
    • Never-ending entertainment at every party
    • Great game to play with a small group of friends or up to 100 people!
    • A twist on the original "What the F*ck!" game

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    Real Specs

    • Adult group game (can also be a drinking game)
    • Game set includes: 2 questionnaire booklets, 3 dice, 24 A/B coins, and game instructions
    • Over 400 questions to ask
    • 3 dice to determine which questions to ask
    • A/B coins to prevent cheating
    • Can be played with up to 100 players
    • Another version of the original game "What the F*ck!"

Brand:Kheper Games

Product #: MBS-KHEBG006

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