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Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide

by PJUR Lubricants

Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide

by PJUR Lubricants

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This is your secret key into the backdoor!

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  • This ultra slick, silicone-based lube was designed to help make anal sex even more enjoyable, and pain free.

    It contains the special jojoba extract which helps relax your anal opening for more comfortable anal penetration. Jojoba is a moisturizing extract that naturally relaxes your anal entrance and walls as you go for deeper, wider penetration.

    This silicone-based lube lasts longer that water-based lubes so it won't dry up or rub away as easily so that you and your partner can worry less about the lube, and focus more on the action!

    Squeeze a small amount in to your hands and rub it in and around you or your partners anus. The effect takes place within minutes!

    Because this lube is silicone-based, DO NOT USE IT WITH YOUR SILICONE TOYS!

    Key Benefits:

    • Safe to use with a condom
    • Incredibly long lasting
    • 3.4oz/100ml
    • Jojoba enriched
    • Naturally relaxing
    • Compatible with most top materials EXCEPT silicone (always read the label to see if your toy is compatible)
    • Lidocaine & benzocaine free

    Please note that this is NOT a desensitizing product and contains no numbing properties.

    Real Specs

Brand:PJUR Lubricants

Product #: MBS-PJ03004

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