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Bedroom Commands Sex Game Cards

by Kheper Games

Bedroom Commands Sex Game Cards

by Kheper Games

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Take your dull weekday nights to a whole new level of erotic fun and excitement!

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  • Perfect for long term couples or as a fun icebreaker, this exciting card game offers spice, intrigue, and hilarious sexy entertainment to any couple's night!

    Featuring two decks, one for the Sexy Bitch and one for the Dirty Daddy, Bedroom Commands offers a myriad of new options to spice up your love life.

    Examples of some of the naughty things you'll get up to are...

    Him: "Sit behind me and masturbate me how you think I would masturbate myself."

    Her: "Explore my upper body with your hands while I am on top."

    Best of all, this game has no rules! Pick and choose however you like, whenever you like! Take control of your love life today, and have some unexpected fun while doing it! 

    Key Benefits:

    • Deliciously naughty card game
    • Amazing possibilities to spice up any situation!


    Spice things up!

    Real Specs

    • Contains 1 delightfully card game with all the cards you will need to spice things up

Brand:Kheper Games

Product #: MBS-KHEBGR121

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