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Clone-A-Willy Plaster Kit

by Empire Labs

Clone-A-Willy Plaster Kit

by Empire Labs

Create your own god-like sculpture of your favorite cock with the Clone-A-Willy Plaster Kit! This one-of-a-kind kit gives you a perfect replica for hours of ultra-stimulating fun!

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  • Make your masterpiece of your man's dong with this fun kit! 

    Packed with simple ingredients and materials, this Clone-A-Willy kit lets you build your own sculpture and honor your favorite glorious cock. You can even use this kit to create a naughty bachelorette party decoration or bring multiple kits to any event to share the fun with your friends.

    To get the most out of this kit, make sure your man is rock hard and ready to get sculpted! The Clone-A-Willy Plaster Kit includes all the materials for the perfect clone. All you need is water.

    Empire Labs has stepped into the adult industry with an innovative kit that makes your sexual experiences more intimate and exciting: the Clone-A-Willy Dildo Kit! When you want to commemorate your most prized possession, these creative, body-safe kits allow you to mold and cast your own dildo for your own personalized pleasure tool or novelty.

    Key Benefits:

    • The ultimate kit for a DIY cock sculpture -– great for bedroom decor!
    • Easy to use and fun activity to try with your friends or partner
    • Creates an exact clone of your favorite willy – even catching all those little details!
    • Comes with detailed instructions and includes body-safe materials 
    • Just add water!

    Make more clones of your favorite willy with our other homemade dildo kits!

    Real Specs

    • Set Includes: Detailed Instructions, Molding Powder, Molding Tube, Plaster Mix, Wooden Mixing Stick, Thermometer 
    • Quantity: 1 Kit for 1 Sculpture
    • Required Ingredients: Water

Brand:Empire Labs

Product #: MBS-EMP013

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