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Doc Johnson Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner 118ml

by Doc Johnson

Doc Johnson Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner 118ml

by Doc Johnson

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Keep playtime manageable and fun with a reliable toy cleanser that is guaranteed safe and effective!

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  • Don’t we all want that long-life for our favored love toys? You bet we do—and you do too! A toy cleanser that can provide bacterial removal in a safe and efficient manner is exactly what you should want. Be aware, you do have to safeguard those precious playthings, because some cleaners are simply too harsh for the material. However, this is exactly where a trustworthy Doc Johnson antibacterial toy cleaner comes onto the scene. 

    Not only can you safely and effectively cleanse your favorite playthings—you can extend their life expectancy, just like you want too! It’s great, isn’t it, especially given the fact that the more high-end sexual pleasures are a bit more costly. You want to ensure they are all well taken care of for a long time to come! And you also get showered with time convenience here too!

    Keeping your bedroom toys clean is now hassle free! It’s a simple process—spray on, wipe of! Just make sure you use a non-abrasive cloth and you cleanse your toys directly before and after use to maintain the integrity of the product.

    Doc Johnson has been meeting the sexual needs of its customers for over 30 years and is a brand you can trust. You are sure to love their innovative and incredibly stimulating products!

    Key Benefits:

    • Toy Cleaner ensures the integrity of your favored sex toys is kept at optimal performance!
    • Hassle free, making playtime more fun and cleanup less of a pain
    • Safe to use on all of your sexual playthings
    • Ensures protection and sanitation for sexual health

    Go ahead and cleanse all of your favorite vibes and dildos with this cleanser—it is practical and totally safe for all toys!

    Real Specs

    • Safe to use with all toy materials
    • Contains Triclosan, a powerful anti bacterial agent
    • Bottle contains 4 oz (118 ml)

Brand:Doc Johnson

Product #: MBS-DJ139902

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