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by Jopen

Intensity Quadruple Action Vibrator & Kegel Exerciser by  Jopen -  - 1
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Intensity Quadruple Action Vibrator & Kegel Exerciser by  Jopen -  - 1 Intensity Quadruple Action Vibrator & Kegel Exerciser by  Jopen -  - 2 Intensity Quadruple Action Vibrator & Kegel Exerciser by  Jopen -  - 3 Intensity Quadruple Action Vibrator & Kegel Exerciser by  Jopen -  - 4


by Jopen

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  • Product Description

    An absolute innovation in female pleasure and sexual wellness!

    The first easy-to-use Kegel exerciser that automatically strengthens and tones the pelvic muscles responsible for intensifying orgasms...

    Making a woman seem tighter and more youthful, while giving her increased sexual pleasure.

    The effect lasts so when she has sex with a partner, her orgasms are still intensified.

    The ultra sophisticated Intensity from Jopen combines incredible kegel exercising technology with unparalleled vibrating functions and a perfectly customized fit.

    Two smooth conductive pads on either side of the head send gentle waves of electricity surging subtly through the vaginal walls, which effortlessly contract and release the muscles.

    Studies have shown that women often perform kegels with the best of intentions, but more often then not, aren't able to isolate the specific set of muscles that are key to reaping the benefits of strong pelvic floor muscles, namely, more intense, pleasurable orgasms.

    Key Features:

    • Five incremental speeds of electro stimulation.
    • Inflatable shaft allows women to personalize size and fit.
    • Inflation pump operates with a gentle squeeze and deflates with quick air release valve.
    • Includes Electro Gel to intensify the electro stimulation.
    • Dual Stimulating Contacts enhance pelvic contractions.
    • Highest grade Safe and Pure silicone.
    • State-of-the-art LED indicator with easy on/off button.
    • Created, designed, tested, perfected and manufactured 100% in the USA.

    Electro-stimulation eliminates the possibility of improper exercise, since the contractions that occur with this type of technology are completely involuntary and perfectly controlled.

    You'll be able to adjust the intensity of the stimulation, starting off low and working your way up with soft touch push buttons built into the big, easy to grip base.

    A flexible, supple bunny-shaped vibe protrudes at a perfect angle from just underneath the head, it features an independent motor that drives the bunny through 5 vibration speeds, the first sets the ears to tickling teasingly, while the last is finger-tinglingly powerful.

    Another set of soft touch buttons built into the base, sitting beside the electro-stim controls take you through the 5 clitoral stimulation speeds at leisure.

    Since it's so pliable, you'll be able to position the bunny perfectly against you, a trend that carries through to the head, which is also amazingly customizable.

    A simple pump valve is built into the base, which expands the side of the head incrementally, fitting the electrodes securely and pleasurably against the sensitive inner vaginal walls.

    Once in place, you'll be able to experiment with, or continue enjoying the orgasmic potential of the electro stimulation.

    Silicone cleans thoroughly and easily, a wipe down with warm soapy water or a good toy cleaner is all that's needed.

    This material is also extremely body friendly and completely hypoallergenic, just the thing for sensitive skin.

    Adding another aspect of pleasure to this great tool, silicone warms naturally to body temperature with use, you'll feel it heat thrillingly as you enjoy.

    Note that you should always ensure the device is inserted and inflated before turning on the electro-stimulation.

    A good water based lubricant will help with initial insertion, if needed.

    This toy is NOT waterproof.

    A 2 ounce tube of hypoallergenic, salt free electrode gel is included with your Intensity, this should be applied to the metal contacts before insertion.

    Real Specs

    • Length: 12 inches
    • Insertable Length: 5 inches 
    • Girth: 6.5 inches at largest point
    • Width: 2.25 inches at largest point
    • Materials: Silicone, ABS Plastic, Steel
    • Battery: 4 x AAA
    • Special Features: Multi-Speed, Temperature Sensitive, Non-Phallic, Phthalate Free
    • Proudly Made in the USA


Product #: MBS-SE471000

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