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by California Exotics

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by California Exotics

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This sensually calibrated design is the perfect choice for any adventurous pleasure seeker whether this is your first time experimenting with anal stimulation or a seasoned pro.

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  • If you’re just entertaining the idea of adding anal beads to your repertoire, you’ll appreciate how approachable and manageable the initial small beads on the X-10 really are.

    More experienced users will appreciate the quality design, durable materials and sensuous length and variation.

    First time?

    Let us personally welcome you to the anal game!

    Just relax, don’t be shy to slather on as much of your favorite lube as you like, and gently penetrate the smallest tip in as far as your comfort level will allow.

    You’ll be surprised how easy and deeply satisfying it feels. Continue penetrating one bead at a time until you can’t hold off your deepest orgasm any longer!

    The X-10 Anal Beads are an easy and satisfying way to achieve amazing backdoor stimulation whether it’s for your own personal play, or with a partner.

    Feel free to explore moving the beads around, teasing with just the tip, or leaving it in place like an anal plug!

    The possibilities are literally endless with this staple anal toy.

    To remove the beads, simply use the sturdy retrieval handle and slowly pull the string out.

    Each bead is relatively firm, yet flexible enough to customize to your body. Made out of the trusted PVC, these beads are unscented and incredibly hygienic.

    Clean up is very important, but also very simple.

    We recommend cleaning the beads before and after each time you use them. Just scrub as much as you like with mild soap and water, or a sex toy cleaner.

    If you or your partner is craving something different, this is definitely the toy for you!

    Key Benefits:

    • The approachable size and cascading beads make this toy perfect for any anal pleasure pursuit from beginner to pro.
    • The graduated sizing for each of the 10 firm, but flexible beads are designed to stimulate your anal passage safely and comfortably.
    • With an incredibly smooth and slippery finish and an easy to use retrieval handle, the X-10 Anal Beads are stimulating and stress-free to maneuver.
    • These sturdy, pliable, and translucent jelly anal beads are made from PVC, a trusted phthalate free, non-toxic material.
    • Cleanliness is extremely important with anal play. We recommend always cleaning your toy before and after use, especially between partners.

    For maximum stimulation and comfort, we recommend using this product with any quality water based lube.

    Real Specs

    • Length: 10.75 inches
    • Girth: Graduates from 1 to 3 inches
    • Width: Graduates from .4 to .9 inches
    • Special features: Pliable jelly, large retrieval handle, graduated sizing

Brand:California Exotics

Product #: MBS-SE123303

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